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Andrey Narchuk

wildlife and underwater photography

Golden Turtle 2007-2016 Winner
Golden Dolphin 2009-2011 Winner
Montier-en-Der 2009 Awardee
Wildlife Photographer of the Year in Russia 2010
Poland intenational 2010. Best Author
Bestphotographer: 2010-2013 Awardee
Wild Russia 2013-2017 Awardee
Global Arctic Award 2014-2016 Awardee
Memorial Maria Luisa 2015 Winner
Paf Tachov 2015 Awardee
Sony World Photo Award 2016. National Award
Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017 Awardee

You can always contact me by e-mail:

I went for my first dive in 2004. First look beyond the surface of the water has left unforgettable impression. I spent in the water all my free time - 6-8 hours a day, swim away for many miles. At the first opportunity I went to sea again - and again spent all my time in the water, this time with the camera. Breath-hold dive and shoot at the same time was not quite easy, but nothing could stop me. And since then I have never missed an opportunity to dive with a camera in any  water which I have met along the way.

It seemed as the fate itself pushed me to the underwater photography - on my return one of the first things I saw was the underwater case for my camera. I got a set of flashes due to customs delays. Every year more and more trips began to to come across  - free diving and scuba diving, salt water and fresh, in cold and in the tropics. Now I'll never dive without a camera. Over time it became more and more photographs, and I wanted to share them with others, to try to tell their history, to show what I saw. And this is a big, private job that does not end today.

Gradually the photos took their place on the majority of competitions and exhibitions devoted to theme of underwater photography and wildlife.
However, this is just another step that let me travel more,let go to previously inaccessible places and let make new and interesting projects.
Once the sea made me a present for my perseverance - directly to me from the depths manta rays swam, it was wonderfull. We swim together for almost half an hour, and other people seemed to not see us.It was a sign - since then my heart as a photographer belongs to the sea.
And each time, remaining alone with the sea, I'm happy and admire like at the first time, and I try to show at least a small part of this wonderful world to those who are not familiar with it ...

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